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She has always been a feminist and refused to get married and those who, until he met, she would like to be idiots to him, and even want to give him a home of their own, she would like to take care of him at home, has never been done Not done

i am afraid of lonelyness ,so i like to make friends .when friends around me ,i never feel lonely.


How to solve the problem of the recognition and education of the "poor students" is directly related to the effective implementation of quality education and universal education in our country. In fact, the "poor students" is just a phenomenon, not

Products of the increasingly intense market competition and market demand continues to differentiation, more and more manufacturers began to use mass customization. This project through the customer access to the personal characteristics and

The sound wave doppler effectIn daily life, we can have this kind of experience: when a listed sound of the train whistle after one observer, he will find

Two OO seven years July I officially join McDonald's to apprentice manager identity be operating department a management team. Two OO seven years I become the restaurant's September promotion second manager, two O 一O years December

Our company, established for over thirty years in import and export trade, have both well-experienced staff and young and aggresive young ones. We have built trade relationship with customers in more than twenty countries and regions.We aslo have our own production base and sufficient material supply.

I have tried to use my credit card to pay,but it did not work.Do I need to make a permission by email before you charge?可能细节不是很出色,不知道用词是不是很恰当,但意思应该正确.直译是:我已经尝试过使用信用卡支付,但并没有效果.我需要在你收费前进行邮件许可吗?提醒一下,楼下是机翻.

i entered the room.我走进房间. sat by ur bed all through the night.整夜坐在你床边. i watched ur daily fight.我看着你日渐消瘦. i hardly knew.我仅仅知道. the pain was almost more than i could bear.那样的痛苦我所难以承受的. and still i hear.



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